Britney (xcandygirl82x) wrote,

R.I.P. Russell Tagariello

R.I.P. Russell Tagariello

I heard a Tagariello died, I at first along with a few other people thought wow Christal finally did it. I wasn't exactly sure so I didn't get to upset, then I heard it was her brother. So many times I fell asleep fucked up out of my mind, and i'm here living. Her brother was a good kid, had his whole life ahead of him. Dying at 21-24 isn't as bad, as dying at 19 years old. He was a smart guy too, highest test scores ever on his ged in New york state. Good looking guy too. I went to the wake, I couldn't go up to him though. I am not a strong believer in god, and I think it's wrong what happened. Our bodies are supposed to have defenses, I guess that's a flaw, if your high they shut off. He should have thrown up and it should have been in the toliet or at least on the floor. I think it's also fucked up the cops questioned Christal that night. She found her brother fucking dead, all they could do was bother her about where he got the drugs from? Are they going to build a case against his dead body now? Or what sue the parents? I'll try to update again, my baby is coming soon. I really can't imagine how Christal is feeling. I wasn't even sure what to say, she looked like she was in shock. It will hit her hard one day, she already knows that.
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